Welcome to the largest and most popular dog training and puppy socialisation classes in Midlothian

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Dog Training Midlothian was formed to provide quality, dog friendly, obedience and socialisation training  in Edinburgh and throughout Midlothian. Training is low cost and non profit making with all proceeds being donated to local animal charities. Trainers and helpers are dog lovers and long term owners who are passionate about using modern, dog friendly, force free training methods.

Praise and food treats are used by owners in a controlled manner during training to encourage their dogs.

We do not allow Choke collars, Choke leads, Slip Leads or Halti type head restraints to be used as these devices are not suitable for our methods!  


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Training is held in a friendly environment and all proceeds are donated to worthy local causes.


All other funds are used to pay for insurance and buy equipment etc. Excess funds are donated to other local animal charities periodically.

Sniff Praise and food treats are used in a controlled manner by owners to encourage their dogs.

Our sister group, Midlothian Dog Walking Group, is a closed group consisting of friendly dog lovers who meet up weekly at various locations throughout the Lothians to walk and socialise their dogs whilst enjoying some friendly banter.  All walks are free to attend.  Membership is by request and is free once we have assessed your dog’s socialisation skills.

Any training issues can be addressed during the walks (at no cost) if and when appropriate.

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There is a closed facebook page for members to have a blether and share photos. The page contains lots of information on training and welfare as well as photos of all the dogs. The closed page can be joined by request once you have attended any walks.

Click [here] if you’re interested in joining us!